November 1 1814: Very Hungry


Tuesday, November 1.— Learn Greek all morning. Shelley goes to the ‘Change. Jane calls. People want their money; won’t send up dinner, and we are all very hungry. Jane goes to Hookham. Shelley and I talk about her character. Jane returns without money. Writes to Fanny about coming to see her; she can’t come. Writes to Charles. Goes to Peacock to send him to us with some eatables; he is out. Charles promises to see her. She returns to Pancras; he goes there, and tells the dismal state of the Skinner Street affairs. Shelley goes to Peacock’s; comes home with cakes Wait till T. Hookham sends money to pay the bill Shelley returns to Pancras. Have tea, and go to bed. Shelley goes to Peacock’s to sleep.

—  Mary Godwin writes in the  journal for November 1 1814.

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